Web Design Edinburgh

web design edinburgh
So you’re ready to develop your first website, or perhaps update your existing website to be more modern, fulfil new objectives, or provide new functionality, but with the web design industry growing rapidly, even in Edinburgh, how do you choose a reliable supplier.

We’ve helped clients in your shoes many times, they’ve largely contacted us after searching Google for web design Edinburgh, however, as you have probably already experienced, you’re presented with thousands of results, so how do you decide who to contact.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as contacting the person who’s number one for web design edinburgh, or even choosing companies who are paying the advertising that appears at the top and right hand side of results, in our opinion it takes a little bit more.

5 tips for choosing a reliable web design company

  1. Portfolio
    Have a good look through their portfolio, how many websites have they created? do you like the design of the website? did you find any errors or problems with the websites you looked at? Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and have a good dig around to unearth any potential issues.
  2. Blog or help articles
    When a website has a blog that’s updated regularly it’s a good sign that they have a good knowledge of the industry, especially if the articles are useful to you, things like tips, tricks etc.
  3. Team
    Depending on the type of website you’re looking to build you may need more than one web design professional working on it at the same time, otherwise it could take a very long time to complete. It’s also a sign that they are doing well, so you’re more likely to be able to develop a long term relationship.
  4. References
    In our experience this one is overlooked in most cases, we’ve had to assist clients on many occasions to get their website working again after a company has disappeared, not delivered or in many cases, just wasn’t capable.
  5. Price
    Pricing websites is a complex process, and you’ll no doubt find out that no one web design company works to the same formula, so this will result in prices for your project being very cheap, and very expensive. On most occasions there’s a good middle ground, but more importantly reference points 1 – 4 before discounting a low, or high price.