Wordpress Development

wordpress development
WordPress Development

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS), and is the foundation for all sorts of websites – from small blogs and one-page sites to Fortune 500 companies’ sites. In fact, some of the biggest sites in the world use WordPress.

Why WordPress?

Of course, there are other CMS’s out there – and WordPress isn’t the only one we work with. But it’s one of the most stable platforms available, with some 25 million sites built with it. It’s an open-source system, so it’s constantly developing – with a huge community of developers fixing any problems and creating new plug-ins that make development quicker and cheaper.

We love using it because it’s simple, yet versatile. It’s extremely easy to use – for us, that means creating your site is relatively straightforward, while for you, that means running the site on a day-to-day basis is trouble-free.

WordPress is often thought of as just a platform for bloggers – but it’s quickly become renowned as being capable of so much more: managing vast amounts of content for the most complex of sites.