iPhone App Development

iphone app development
iPhone App Development

Smart phones are revolutionising the way people use the internet. Now, we carry more computing power around in our pockets than we had on our desks just a few years ago – and the likes of Apple and Google are making the most of it.

Why Apple?

In the world of apps, Apple are king. The apple store has over 350,000 applications available – and there have been more than 10 billion downloads since they launched. In an ever-expanding market place, apple has a huge share and perhaps the simplest and most effective delivery method.

Of course, Apple are not the only ones. Google has built on their successes in the search sector to deliver the Android platform. We’re equally happy working with either.

Top 40 is everything

If your app is there to bring a direct income, it’s important to understand that an app store is a bit like the music charts. There are hundreds of new apps becoming available every day, so getting yours into the top 40 is vital. If you get it into the chart, more people will see it – if more people see it, more people will download it.

What’s in it for you?

There are all sorts of ways an app could be beneficial to your business – and whether it’s there to build your brand, deliver income or give you a wider audience, we’re here to help. We don’t just develop apps – we can help you identify the opportunities and the benefits of bringing your business into the mobile world.