Top tips for eCommerce success

Top tips for eCommerce successIf you’re a business within the eCommerce sector then things are really hotting up, more people are shopping online than ever before, so how do you stay in front and grab a piece of this growing trend.

In this short post i’ll give you some top tips for eCommerce success that will help you really stand out from your competitors.

Engage with people

Given the amount of competition on the web today it’s important that you take the bull by the horns and go and engage with your prospective customers, find our what other websites they visit, what search terms they use, even which coffee shop they hang out in, hunt them down and tell them you exist. Don’t sit back and wait for them to come to you, that’s not going to lead you to success, and always remember that offline marketing can still work, people like to buy from people.

Become an authority

As i mentioned in the previous tip, people like to buy from people, and that has never been so influential as it is today. You need to stand out amongst your competition by becoming the website that offers valuable, expert advice that customers keep coming back for. Imagine a traditional store where you ask the sales assistant if a specific television was 3D enabled, if they didn’t know and couldn’t answer basic questions you’d quickly loose faith in that stores ability to deliver what you want.

Have more, better quality photos or videos

Many eCommerce sites fall down when it comes to presenting their products in a way that’s appealing to customers, after all you’re relying on the photos and video you use to do the selling of the product, so surely they should be top notch. Invest some money into a proper photography setup allowing you to take photos of your products with a white background that  show them at their full glory, you’ll easily out do many of your competitors. If you’ve got a video camera lying around, why not do a couple of quick videos showing what’s in the box, how it functions etc, these can all help to bring the product to life.

Niche to win

This applies to businesses in every aspect of every industry, if you want to create the next Amazon then don’t start trying to stock and sell everything online, because although that’s their business now, it wasn’t how it started. Successful eCommerce stores concentrate on a niche, win over that sector and then if profits and resource allow move on to other niche’s. It’s also much easier to find customers if you have a very specific customer profile, you can track them down much easier.

Distribute your products

Having your own website is great, but you’ve still got to attract customers to place orders with you. You should take advantage of the growing number of larger eCommerce platforms that allow you to add your products and sell to their existing customer base. Amazon and eBay are two great examples of this, they both offer the ability for you to get your products in front of millions of customers, think of them like the shopping centre’s of the internet.