Top 5 tips to Design a SEO Friendly Website

seoEvery website needs to be SEO friendly. From attracting more traffic to getting ranked higher in SERP results, SEO plays an important role. Building a SEO friendly site means the incorporation of search engine set standards for targeting the best user performance possible.

The following tips will help you design a SEO friendly website.

  1. Add quality images to the main page of the site and also the various subpages. Some might not be aware of this, but the search engines will index images. Integrating (but not overdoing it!) with images on a webpage can have an effect on the site’s ranking in the search engines. Images alone will not move a site up the rankings, but they do influence in the overall process of how the search engine crawlers determine whether or not a site is a valuable one. So, carefully pick quality images that contribute to the look, design and yes, SEO potential of your website.
  2. Structuring of the website has to be effective. When the site is designed, the designer must take into consideration how much or how little text is presented, whether or not the look of the website is cluttered, if there are any broken links, and so on. The site itself should be organised effectively not only for visitors, but also for the search engine crawlers looking to analyse the value of the site. Effective configuring can prove enormously helpful in this regard.
  3. Do not use frames on the page. Frames might contribute to the design you want, but the search engine spiders might find indexing the site difficult when frames are used. Not using frames just might be far better strategy when hoping for the design of the site to aid in boosting the search engine result.
  4. Weaving in quality keywords is a must or else the site is going to be limited in terms of its SEO potential. While there will always be new and unique innovations discovered when trying to improve the connection between quality web design and SEO, there will also be certain things that really do not change. The fact is that people searching information online will type in keywords into the search engines. Effective research must be performed to determine what are the top keywords related to a specific topic. Then, these keywords must be properly weaved into the content of the site.
  5. Try to avoid using flash. Yes, flash does have quite a number of benefits to it, but it also has a host of drawbacks. For those interested in seeing a website move up the search engine rankings, cutting down or outright eliminating flash might be the best strategy.

Author bio: Lucy is a web designer from Liverpool, UK. She is also a freelance writer and has written many articles on missold ppi, smartphones, web designing tips, SEO etc. She loves photography and often travels to natural landscapes to practice it.