Swanify Web Design Company

When we first went to work, times were different. Big Brother was still a good idea. Jeans weren’t quite so skinny. And people had only just figured out how big the web was for business.

Then the first smartphones appeared on the market, with a wallop.

So Matthew Lanham dropped everything and launched Swanify – a web design company dedicated to building apps and websites as beautiful as they are powerful, no matter what the platform. We create solutions that put brands into consumers’ pockets. We create solutions that deliver a new sales channel for retailers. And, above all, we create solutions that deliver bottom-line results for your business.

From Marie Clare and Tesco to Rosslyn Chapel to Golf Monthly, we’ve produced web and mobile solutions for some of the biggest names in Britain. With a team that’s always ahead of the curve on new trends and new technologies, we’re ready for the next big project.

Matthew Lanham


Malcolm Christie

Software Engineer

Jamie Fisher

Software Engineer

Scott Carmichael

Software Engineer